The Greater London Fund for the Blind was founded in 1921 to co-ordinate the collection of funds on behalf of several blind welfare charities.

Today the Fund acts on behalf of 10 Member Charities which between them provide a wide range of services including:- counselling, rehabilitation and mobility training, factory employment and training in new skills, friendship through home visits, blind clubs where problems are shared and confidence restored, and residential care for those people who also have additional disabilities.

In addition the Greater London Fund for the Blind provides grants to other blind welfare charities for special projects.

Ana Cristache London has formed an affiliation to the Greater London Fund for the Blind. Periodically ex-display samples are donated to the Geranium shops around London; the samples are sold and the profits go towards this fantastic cause.

If you are able to donate or be involved in any way to help this Charity, please call Ana Cristache on 020 7352 2038 or email us.